Our Team

NANOVAK R&D was established by Dr. Zafer Durusoy and Dr. Recep Görür in 2006 at Hacettepe Technology Development Zone. It carries out its activities with a competent technical team consisting of Physics Engineers, Electrical-Electronics Engineers and Technicians.

Apart from the full-time staff, it has support staff who constantly improve their work team with university and industry collaborations, and renew their knowledge and skills in parallel with the development of the era and technology.

Located in Hacettepe University Technology Zone, NANOVAK; It conducts R&D studies on vacuum, vacuum tests and thin film preparation systems. Construction of vacuum boilers and systems; It works on the production of thin film preparation benches by equipping the systems with thermal, magnetic sputtering and electron gun techniques.

Vacuum and thin film preparation benches designed in the R&D process are made with the desired features by the user and are offered to those in need by on-site training. Thin film preparation systems are designed and manufactured as turnkey benches that include a vacuum vessel, sample holding-heating unit, pumping unit, pressure and gas flow adjustment, electronic control and measuring devices, valves and other peripheral units.

It develops mechanical and electronic designs within its own structure and completes its production by cooperating with companies in the industry. An approach that seeks “better and the best” has been adopted by constantly improving the manufactured components and systems.

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